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Gateau Bubu

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Gateau Bubu

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"The flavor of Gateau - Bubu is Gion Tsujiri's home branded tea using the rice flour that attracts positive attentions in recent years. It is a financier and also a sweet that gives an unique and enjoyable texture. The name is a combination of the Kyoto words for tea, 'bubu' and the French word 'gateau' for cake. As of the packaging, black background with gold foil stamping which is quirky while keeping a taste of luxury. 

The team was in charge from planning and development of the product itself such as size, texture, naming, and packaging design." 

Client: Gion Tsujiri
Design Company: AID-DCC Inc. / alexcreate co.,LTD
Executive Producer: Yukihiro Tominaga
Creative Director: Seigo Nakano
Art Director / Designer: Katsuhide Maki
Logo Type Designer: Atsushi Honda
Country: Japan