1. What is the criteria for participation?

Consumer products that are currently on the market in Asia.


2. What is the process?

Packaging designs are collected from a consumer perspective under a certain theme each month by our team and through nominations by past winners. The shortlisted designs are judged by the professional jury team into five different awards.


Award winners are announced at the end of each month on this website and through our social media.


3. Who will be judging?

Two design professionals are invited to take part in selecting the award winners. 


4. How can I participate?

Topawards is by invite only.
Instead of the conventional award where designers and makers enter their work, packaging is gathered from a consumer perspective under a certain theme each month.
If your packaging is selected, we will send you an invitation for participation.


5. How will I know if I got awarded?

Our team will invite you to Topawards via e-mail to confirm the winning work with you.


6. What Happens IF I do get awarded?

The winning designs will be featured through this website, social media, and in certain cases, selected media. Winners will receive an official certificate in hard copy, as well as the TOP mark via email. A Topawards Trophy is also available for order. 
Then, share the celebration as much as possible! Through your website, social media, and even at events.


7. I have more questions...

Feel free to talk to us at