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Nameless Paints

There is a subtle sense of discovery and learning in these paints. From concept to detailed touches, Nameless Paints, or なまえのないえのぐ in Japanese, changes the potential of packaging through an expression of blending the three primary colours cyan, magenta and yellow in different quantities and combinations. When names disappear, preconceived notions such as 'the sky is blue' fade away, allowing users to "draw out their creativity to create their own colours".

Nameless Paints Client: KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Art Director: Yusuke Imai Copywriter: Ayami Moteki

Nameless Paints
Client: KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
Art Director: Yusuke Imai
Copywriter: Ayami Moteki



Rajesh Dahiya:
The packaging system shows experimentation with colour ratios and communicates the role of primary colours in forming a hue. Their graphic language of colour dots against a white tube helps communicate a strong product idea with simplicity. The idea encourages education and communication using a simple idea. 

Eisuke Tachikawa: 
Using the three primary colours of CMY, not only is it beautiful; it has an educational sense of discovery, and is set in a package with a simple and powerful concept. With a package that completely eliminates the use of words and having the ability to communicate to this extent is impressive. From this design, you can feel the experience heighten as it tickles your curiousity and childlike mind.

Somchana Kangwarnjit:
It's very creative idea of paints packaging design by showing the color mix without the color name. Which has vivid imagination and special design for color painting. 

Mutsumi Ajichi:
Paints that completely remove prejudice against colour names (written on the tubes). Even with adults, there’s probably only a handful of people who understand how colours are made. In this sense, its a given with adults, but also very useful with educating children about colour. Not only is it beautiful as a package, but also as a product ― it’s a work that gives people a massive sense of “discovery.”

Jessie Chen:
It’s subtle, quiet yet smart and sophisticated. The use of primary colors and color ratio on the tube stimulates our imagination and curiosity. The simple & functional design conveys the brilliance and creativity of the product

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