Outstanding in Appearance | FOOD

"It melts delicately in your mouth like Japanese sugar confectionary. Gentle yet with a rich flavour. We made this Malebranche Chocolatier in hope that people would enjoy the flavours the carefully selected ingredients of Kyoto brings. What makes it so delicious is in our original recipes. Although there were many difficulties, we carefully repeated our trials from the very beginning, and took two years to finally find this texture and flavour. 

The five flavours include variations such as "Raw Sugar and Black Seven Spices", made from Gion "Hararyoukaku"'s Black Seven Spices with a rice-like raw sugar, "Yuzu", which uses yuzu from Kyoto's Mizuo, white chocolate, and pieces of candied yuzu peel; each taste aims to have a different texture and flavour. The shape of the board is made to look like the townscape of the Kyoto city area, with the letters "Kyoto" accentuated; the flavours and arrangement expressing a sense of Kyoto. Like a chocolatier of Kyoto Gion, the package looks like the face of a Maiko san (apprentice geisha of Kyoto). When taking off the rubber band from the package,  it reveals its form as things that imagines Kyoto: the mark for Malebranche, or of the five story pagoda."

Client: MALEBRANCHE Cacao 365 Gion store
Design Company: Ken Miki & Associates
Art Director: Hiroko Kawauchi
Designer: Ken Miki
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://www.malebranche.co.jp/chocolatory/ and their Instagram