Here is the shortlist selected by our jury panel. From 152 works awarded monthly in the past year (between 2017 April to 2018 April), a total of 41 works have been shortlisted.

Highlights from the judges' comments can be seen below.


9h nine hours   Client:  9h nine hours  Design Company:  Design Studio S / Hiromura Design Office / Nakamura Design Office  Creative Direction / Product Design:  Fumie Shibata  Sign & Graphic Design:  Masaaki Hiromura  Interior Design:  Takaaki Nakamura

9h nine hours
Client: 9h nine hours
Design Company: Design Studio S / Hiromura Design Office / Nakamura Design Office
Creative Direction / Product Design: Fumie Shibata
Sign & Graphic Design: Masaaki Hiromura
Interior Design: Takaaki Nakamura


Thinking about the positioning of nine hours; if it's presented like a luxury hotel, their original customers won't be convinced; and on the other hand, if it looks cheap, they won't be able to take in new customers. With that in mind, I'm guessing that it was difficult to create a good balance, but they scraped down various elements to create something simple; and it's outstanding that it makes one feel both its quality and convenience.

— Taichi Sugiura

Mme KIKI Chocolat   Client:  Mme KIKI  Design company:  UMA/design farm  Creative Director/Art Director:  Yuma Harada  Designer:  Yuka Tsuda

Mme KIKI Chocolat
Client: Mme KIKI
Design company: UMA/design farm
Creative Director/Art Director: Yuma Harada
Designer: Yuka Tsuda


The material, paper, and colour matches perfectly and softly with the product within, and fulfills the delicate characteristics of handmade Japanese products.

— Wang Zhi-Hong:

IHADA   Client:  Shiseido Co., Ltd.  Creative Director:  Taisuke Kikuchi  Art Director / Designer:  Asako Hase     Producer:  Masamichi Ogaki  illustrator:  Noritake

Client: Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Taisuke Kikuchi
Art Director / Designer: Asako Hase   
Producer: Masamichi Ogaki
illustrator: Noritake

自身が関わっているもので恐縮ですが、私の仕事の代表的なものになっています。 イラストは用途をしっかりと伝えつつ、可愛らしさを保つよう作りました。 白、青、橙の色でブランドカラー、イラストで、外装デザインは整えられ、 効果を大きな文字で伝えています。 ボトルにイラストはデザインされていないので、 購入後は、日常の中で控えめにあることになる設計にされて います。

Please excuse the fact that this is a project I am involved in, but this has become a representative work of mine. 
The illustration communicates the purpose in a clear manner while keeping its cuteness. The exterior design is arranged with the brand colours white, blue, and orange, along with the illustration and the effects of the product in large letters. 
There is no illustrated design on the bottle, designed to have a modest outlook for everyday use after purchase.

— Noritake

GRAINS FOR A DAY   Client:  Zipbanchan  Designer:  DaHye, Jeon

Client: Zipbanchan
Designer: DaHye, Jeon

Functional and good looking at the same time! This is really awesome work.

— Dan Matutina

Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle   Company:  Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited

Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle
Company: Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited

This is a very clever and creative design. The Coca Cola bottle is already a very iconic symbol. This is hard to give surprise if you can only work on the surface graphics. But this ribbon idea is just something out of the box and give consumers a brand new experience with this Coca Cola bottle.

— Ken Lo

MUKURI spoon   Client:  SUNAOLAB.  Design Company:  SUIT DESIGN / sloup  Product Design:  Tomotaka Nagao (SUIT DESIGN)  Art Direction / Design:  Takashi Kimura (sloup)  Photo:  Misa Shigematsu             Yosuke Takeda (gabby photo)             Takashi Kimura

MUKURI spoon
Design Company: SUIT DESIGN / sloup
Product Design: Tomotaka Nagao (SUIT DESIGN)
Art Direction / Design: Takashi Kimura (sloup)
Photo: Misa Shigematsu
            Yosuke Takeda (gabby photo)
            Takashi Kimura

The spoon itself is very well-designed. A good packaging is to enhance the personality
of the product itself. This is a good and simple example. You can imagine if you use
a rectangle form or a box to hold this spoon, this will be boring and make the product very dull. This packaging can easily draw my attention and let me remember this product.

— Ken Lo

Umeshu   Client:  Kamonishiki Brewery  Design Company:  Suisei.      Art Director / Designer:  Kentaro Higuchi

Client: Kamonishiki Brewery
Design Company: Suisei.    
Art Director / Designer: Kentaro Higuchi

This is a very simple design, a good choice of the colour combination. This dark brown bottle always remind me of beer, which always follow with a very classic label. However, for this Plum Wine, the simplicity of the matt gold colour graphics make a very good chemistry with this dark brown colour. It is elegant, it is timeless.

— Ken Lo

Calorie Mate   Client:  Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.  Design Company:  LIGHT PUBLICITY CO.,LED.  Art Director / Designer:  Gan Hosoya  Typographer:  Tadasu Fukano

Calorie Mate
Client: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Art Director / Designer: Gan Hosoya
Typographer: Tadasu Fukano



The use of colour is nice, leaving an impression with its energy; the printing simple and not overdone, with stable graphics and layout, having the quality and approachability to attract the general public.

— Wang Zhi Hong


Swan Cider   Client:  TOMOMASU DRINK Co., LTD.   Design Company:  WILLOW  Creative Director:  Yuichi Asaba  Art Director / Designer:  Yachiyo

Swan Cider
Design Company: WILLOW
Creative Director: Yuichi Asaba
Art Director / Designer: Yachiyo


Although I don't know the history of the product, its design is eye-catching, and has a different atmosphere that modern design doesn't have; a good example of how the history is integrated into the design.

— Wang Zhi Hong

Yamato Glue   Company and Design:  YAMATO CO., LTD.

Yamato Glue
Company and Design: YAMATO CO., LTD.


The vivid blue brighly comes into your perception. 
The yellow lid also makes one feel like opening the product.
If this was in a child's tool box, I think it will surely make them want to make something.

— Noritake


P.Chokko BARRA   Client:  P.Chokko  Design Company:  SO Project  Designer:  Lee Jihye

P.Chokko BARRA
Client: P.Chokko
Design Company: SO Project
Designer: Lee Jihye

I love this because of it's simplicity. I like how they combined serious typography and uneven, handmade shapes / patterns. Great use of production methods.

— Dan Matutina

dear mayuko   Client:  Dear Mayuko Co., Ltd.  Design Company:  Daikoku Design Institute, Nippon Design Center, Inc.  Art Director / Designer:  Daigo Daikoku  Designer:  Mayumi Sano  Copywriter:  Ryoko Kawahara  Photographer:  Mikiya Takimoto (Product shooting)                         Kei Iwasaki (Shop shooting)  Shop Design:  Koichiro Oniki  Promotion:  Tatsuki Suzuki /Youko Tsuruta / Michiko Inagaki

dear mayuko
Client: Dear Mayuko Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Daikoku Design Institute, Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Art Director / Designer: Daigo Daikoku
Designer: Mayumi Sano
Copywriter: Ryoko Kawahara
Photographer: Mikiya Takimoto (Product shooting)
                        Kei Iwasaki (Shop shooting)
Shop Design: Koichiro Oniki
Promotion: Tatsuki Suzuki /Youko Tsuruta / Michiko Inagaki

I really like this because I like the good blend of minimalist and whimsical design. It has character without going overboard. I love the restraint of the designers. This is super classy work!!! They were able to convey the personality of the brand through the packaging.

— Dan Matutina

RUBBISH FAMZINE NO.6 AN EMOJIOUS ODYSSEY OF THE GLUTTONOUS OMNIVORES   Client:   HOLYCRAP.SG   Design Company:  KINETIC SINGAPORE / HOLYCRAP  Editor:  Claire Lim  Junior Creative / Illustrator:  Renn Lim  Junior Creative / Illustrator:  Aira Lim  Creative Director / Designer / Photographer:  Pann Lim

Editor: Claire Lim
Junior Creative / Illustrator: Renn Lim
Junior Creative / Illustrator: Aira Lim
Creative Director / Designer / Photographer: Pann Lim


To merge the market experience, food packaging, and shopping behaviours of the general public into a magazine — makes this publication rich and extremely interesting.

— Wang Zhi Hong

COCHAE (Neko Musubi (Cat Ties))   Client:  Benesse Art Site Naoshima, Benesse House  Design Company:  Oncyu & Co.ltd (COCHAE)  Designer:  YOSUKE JIKUHARA / MIKI TAKEDA

COCHAE (Neko Musubi (Cat Ties))
Client: Benesse Art Site Naoshima, Benesse House
Design Company: Oncyu & Co.ltd (COCHAE)

COCHAE (Burasagari COCHAE (The Hanging COCHAE))   Client:  Hanging COCHAE: Yamada Textile Co., Ltd.  (Furoshiki maker of Kyoto)  Design Company:  Oncyu & Co.ltd (COCHAE)  Designer:  YOSUKE JIKUHARA / MIKI TAKEDA

COCHAE (Burasagari COCHAE (The Hanging COCHAE))
Client: Hanging COCHAE: Yamada Textile Co., Ltd.  (Furoshiki maker of Kyoto)
Design Company: Oncyu & Co.ltd (COCHAE)

It’s very interesting that the traditional Asian packaging method (we call it with “Bojagi” in Korea) has illustrations of characteristic animal forms. The idea of "always being with the animals we love" is also great. They are not ‘typical’, as in they are not exactly the cutest looking animals, and are very individualistic illustrations with intense colors. They seem to have found a very narrow ‘Just right’ area between uniqueness and ordinaryness, and placed themselves there. It’s brilliant.

— Jaemin Lee

Cocoa Cigarettes   Client:  Orion Company

Cocoa Cigarettes
Client: Orion Company


It makes me remember the cigarettes without the warning labels I often saw as a child. The gold and light navy is sophisticated, with a lovely logo and cigarette mark formed from three cylinders. 
I can immediately understand that this is a package made for children who have a sense of adoration towards adults. 

— Noritake

XUNMI EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD BAYBERRY WINE Of DONGKUI    Client:  Shenzhen xunmi cultural development industrial co. LTD.  Design Company:  Shenzhen Unidea Bank Co., Ltd.  Creative Director:  Zhang Xiaoming  Art Director:  Chen Yue  Designer:  Huang Renqiang / Liu Danhua / Xie Shijun / Liao Fenfen

Client: Shenzhen xunmi cultural development industrial co. LTD.
Design Company: Shenzhen Unidea Bank Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Zhang Xiaoming
Art Director: Chen Yue
Designer: Huang Renqiang / Liu Danhua / Xie Shijun / Liao Fenfen

This is very inspired work. There's a lot of restraint with the art direction without skimping on production. I also like that fact that the box is shatter-resistant and it keeps the bottle safe.

— Dan Matutina

Kasiko   Client:  Brandlogistics Co., Ltd.  Art Director:  Tsuyoshi Fukuda  Naming:  Yoshihiro Iwanaga  Designer:  Hitomi Sago

Client: Brandlogistics Co., Ltd.
Art Director: Tsuyoshi Fukuda
Naming: Yoshihiro Iwanaga
Designer: Hitomi Sago

This packaging itself is very beautiful, it is a paper sculpture. I like the design carrying the Japanese culture, but the result is not traditional, instead it is very contemporary. The dark blue colour of the logotype and the string is a nice touch.
This subtle colour escape from the typical Japanese black and white colour scheme which makes the design more special.

— Ken Lo

BARUNSENGKAK KEITH HARING EDITION CONDOMS & GELS   Client:  바른생각 (BARUNSENGKAK)  Design Company:  Convenience Co., Ltd.  Designer:  Convenience Brand Lab Leader / Yeonjung Go

Client: 바른생각 (BARUNSENGKAK)
Design Company: Convenience Co., Ltd.
Designer: Convenience Brand Lab Leader / Yeonjung Go


Keith Haring is an artist who worked in the streets and tried to keep as much distance from the art world; I think this product really embodies his concept towards his work.

— Taichi Sugiura

M Mark   Client:  Matsuyama Co., Ltd.  Creative Director:  Tsuyoshi Matsuyama (Matsuyama Co., Ltd.)  Art Director:  Tatsumi Inuzuka (INUZUKA DESIGN OFFICE)                      Haruka Kurai (Matsuyama Co., Ltd.)

M Mark
Client: Matsuyama Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Tsuyoshi Matsuyama (Matsuyama Co., Ltd.)
Art Director: Tatsumi Inuzuka (INUZUKA DESIGN OFFICE)
                     Haruka Kurai (Matsuyama Co., Ltd.)


The method of packaging is arranged simply and directly, communicating to consumers a pure sense of trust.

— Wang Zhi Hong

SHISEIDO PARLOUR Western Style Sweets Series   Client:  Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd.  Design Company:  Nakajo Design Office  Creative Direction:  Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd.  Art Director / Designer:  Masayoshi Nakajo

SHISEIDO PARLOUR Western Style Sweets Series
Client: Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Nakajo Design Office
Creative Direction: Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd.
Art Director / Designer: Masayoshi Nakajo


Pop, casual, colourful. 
All different but cohesively put together — I don't know the process. 
It would probably make me feel like I'd want to choose one to take home.

— Noritake

IMURAYA Ball Ice Dessert Series   Company:  IMURAYA CO.,LTD  Creative Director:  Hideaki Matsusaki  Art Director:  Yoshinori Kida    Designer:  Yukina Nakagawa

IMURAYA Ball Ice Dessert Series
Creative Director: Hideaki Matsusaki
Art Director: Yoshinori Kida  
Designer: Yukina Nakagawa

This kind of design is always enjoyable. Such design can not be any more intuitive. Melon and peach and watermelon. I feel pleasant, and it sweetens my mind. These fruits remind me of summer holidays of my childhood. Singing of cicadas, straw hats, little huts, ... It is the simplest yet immensely multi-sensory design. We can eat the product with our mouth and ingest the memories with our eyes. I could eat this every day.

— Jaemin Lee

SURARA   Client:  Fuyou Shuzou

Client: Fuyou Shuzou

Again a simple striking system that works. Looks original, interesting, and fun. Full of intrigue and delivers a sense of place with pure type.

— Joshua Breidenbach

PUSHIPUSHINACOFFEE GINGER CANDY   Client:  Pushipushina Coffee  Designer:  Hiroko Noborio (Pushipushina Coffee)

Client: Pushipushina Coffee
Designer: Hiroko Noborio (Pushipushina Coffee)

This box design gives a strong impression with using inexpensive materials and printing method. That indomitable will which adds the other spot color only for the additional object - red scarf - is really brilliant. Mixing the mischievous yet cute lettering and the cat illustration with curious face makes really attractive harmony.

— Jaemin Lee

CALBEE FRUGRA DESIGN BOX   Client:  Calbee, Inc.  Design Company:  EXS.Inc  Product Development:  Calbee, Inc. E-commerce Team  Creative Director / Art Director / Designer:  Mai Inayoshi (EXS.Inc)  Chinaware Designer : Ryota Ishihara  Supporting for the original picture:  Nishiyama Corporation. / KOZO FUKUDA STUDIO

Client: Calbee, Inc.
Design Company: EXS.Inc
Product Development: Calbee, Inc. E-commerce Team
Creative Director / Art Director / Designer: Mai Inayoshi (EXS.Inc)
Chinaware Designer: Ryota Ishihara
Supporting for the original picture: Nishiyama Corporation. / KOZO FUKUDA STUDIO

This has an inherent warmth. It is simple economical and a great solution for adding interest to a potentially mundane daily activity. Example of what design can do beyond functionality.

— Joshua Breidenbach

DRIED FRIET   Company:  AND THE FRIET  Art Direction:  Naomi Hirabayashi (PLUG-IN GRAPHIC)    illustration:  Anje Jager

Art Direction: Naomi Hirabayashi (PLUG-IN GRAPHIC)  
illustration: Anje Jager


Not only do I love the potatoes here, but the fact that they combined personality (the illustration of people's faces) with the flavour — I think it's excellent as it brings a new opportunity of imagination to the product.

— Taichi Sugiura

Imaginary Bathroom   Client:  CHARLEY CO., LTD  Design Company:  CHARLEY CO., LTD

Imaginary Bathroom
Design Company: CHARLEY CO., LTD


This is beautiful, and beautiful. Not only is it just beautiful but also funny, and even a bit shameless. It is quite witty to have designed these products to look like book covers, as a reminiscent of one reading a book in the bathroom.
The two opposing axis of beauty and wit, and a contradictory concept that are difficult to coexist with each other, harmonize in this beautiful work, and strengthens the design.

— Jaemin Lee

 CANNED MACKEREL (KITO YUZU SALT & OLIVE OIL TASTE)   Client:  ogonnomura co.,ltd.  Design Company:  ogonnomura co.,ltd.  Designer:  Koji Kamiyo / Kunie Kamiyo

Client: ogonnomura co.,ltd.
Design Company: ogonnomura co.,ltd.
Designer: Koji Kamiyo / Kunie Kamiyo

I think this is a good example of how a design can contribute not only to large corporation but also to small business owners and farmers and their products. I think glossy white rice and a fish done to a beautiful brown are Asian’s best comfort foods. The familiar taste of fish and the freshness of yuzu are expressed in pretty illustrations. The illustration is a little nostalgic even, and made me think of my mother’s cooking that I had when I was a child. Fish (mackerel), sincerity and love, overflowing joy. All of these are contained in this package.

— Jaemin Lee

KUTSUROGINO OMBORATO   Client:  Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery  Design Company:  woolen  Designer:  Fukuoka Naoko

Client: Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery
Design Company: woolen
Designer: Fukuoka Naoko



I love the way that even without text these bottles express their contents in a light hearted way. 
After drinking the contents they might even make a great addition to the display as part of the interior. 

— Mike and Yuri Abelson (POSTALCO):


RICHALMONDMILK   Client:  Tsukuba Dairy Products Co., Ltd  Agency:  FRONTAGE INC.  Creative Director / Copy Writer:  Ryoko Yamagiwa  Art Director:  Kei Fujiya  Art Director / Designer:  Noriyuki Shirasu(color.)  Producer:  Emi Takizawa  Account Executive:  Daigo Utsugi

Client: Tsukuba Dairy Products Co., Ltd
Creative Director / Copy Writer: Ryoko Yamagiwa
Art Director: Kei Fujiya
Art Director / Designer: Noriyuki Shirasu(color.)
Producer: Emi Takizawa
Account Executive: Daigo Utsugi


This package has a beautiful use of Japanese typography. 
At a glance anyone will instantly understand the contents and the color choice expresses that this drink is good for your health. 

— Mike and Yuri Abelson (POSTALCO)

IPPODO   Client:  IPPODO TEA CO.  Design Company:  Dainippon Type Organization

Design Company: Dainippon Type Organization


A clean and elegant solution. The fine quality of the font and the gentle colors hold back but are not weak. 
This is one item I would buy at Narita Airport for example, on the way overseas, not to forget the spirit of Japan. 

— Mike and Yuri Abelson (POSTALCO)

ART GARBAGE BAG   Client:  GARBAGE BAG ART WORK  Design Company:  MAQ inc.  Creative Director:  Yoshihiko Yamasaka  Art Director:  Shinya Seko

Design Company: MAQ inc.
Creative Director: Yoshihiko Yamasaka
Art Director: Shinya Seko


Anyone can understand and enjoy this, as well as having a social significance (=a message that art is not only something seen in museums). I think this is a product where both elements coexist well.

— Taichi Sugiura

LIFE 365   Company:  Artworks Korea  Designer:  Bong-jin Kim / Sang-won Song

LIFE 365
Company: Artworks Korea
Designer: Bong-jin Kim / Sang-won Song


We tend to forget when exactly to replace consumable goods, especially ones that we use daily or have a lot in stock at home. In the future, this product could extend the business to cover more of a holistic user-experience around dental care; for instance, subscription services where one can receive regular replacements of not only brushes, but also some care products as well as professional services. However, the graphic design could be improved dramatically. Fonts on the product, the package and the box all appear to be different.

— Kotaro Watanabe


Tsuyahime   Client:  Yamagata Prefecture  Design Company:  MR_DESIGN  Art Director:  Kenjiro Sano  Designer:  Masashi Murakami

Client: Yamagata Prefecture
Design Company: MR_DESIGN
Art Director: Kenjiro Sano
Designer: Masashi Murakami


The name and the graphics align to create a design that remains clear in your mind. 
Also the fact that it is clearly different from other rice packages increases its strength.

— Mike and Yuri Abelson (POSTALCO)

zeroabsolu ANTITOX TOOTHPASTE   Company:  Zeroabsolu  Designer:  Byeung ho Ha

Company: Zeroabsolu
Designer: Byeung ho Ha


Humourous and effective design. 
Its high capability in design allows beauty and humour to coexist.
Pink is used effectively and its unique colour design is very attractive.

— Junya Kamada

naturaglace   Client:  Nature’s Way Co., Ltd.  Design Company:  Nippon Design Center, Inc.  Art Dirctor:  Yoshiaki Irobe  Designer:   Ryosuke Kato / Sayoko Matsuda  Product Design:  nendo (Non-NDC staff)

Client: Nature’s Way Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Art Dirctor: Yoshiaki Irobe
Designer:  Ryosuke Kato / Sayoko Matsuda
Product Design: nendo (Non-NDC staff)




A simple idea is expressed with very good design,
resulting in a creation of something that is one and only. 
The design is beautiful and delicately crafted,
yet as the idea is simple, it manages to be approachable.

— Junya Kamada

MONSTER BOTTLE : 11+ x STICKY MONSTER LAB    Design Companies:  Sticky monster Lab / Cloudandco.   Designers:  Sticky Monster Lab, Kihwan Joo, Youngwoo Choi,                   Hyemin Jang (intern), Saron Oh (intern)

Design Companies: Sticky monster Lab / Cloudandco. 
Designers: Sticky Monster Lab, Kihwan Joo, Youngwoo Choi,
                  Hyemin Jang (intern), Saron Oh (intern)


Design that makes one say, "Adorable!" without thinking. 
And it's not just adorable, but is also very skilled in its use of colour.
If you look closely, the letters on box are also beautiful.

— Junya Kamada

uka nail oil take off   Client:  uka Co., Ltd.  Design Company:  Allright Graphics  Art Director:  Yui Takada  Designer:  Tomomi Yamada

uka nail oil take off
Client: uka Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Allright Graphics
Art Director: Yui Takada
Designer: Tomomi Yamada


A good idea is fixed into place with good quality graphics. 
It could be a nice surprise gift at the airport.
The way the image is used has a new sense of style too.

— Junya Kamada

TINT   Client:  KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO  Desing Company:  UMA/design farm  Art Director:  Yuma Harada  Director:  Yuka Tsuda

Desing Company: UMA/design farm
Art Director: Yuma Harada
Director: Yuka Tsuda



This product praises the beautiful action of decorating our lives with a flower. It praises simple joy in life and its subtleties — of appreciating the changing seasons, weather, and light during the day....Tint is a conversation on materiality and natural phenomenon.

— Kotaro Watanabe


DR GL   Client:  DrGL®  Design Company:  WORK  Creative Director:  Theseus Chan (WORK)                               Georgia Lee                               Abigail Tan (WORK)

Client: DrGL®
Design Company: WORK
Creative Director: Theseus Chan (WORK)
                              Georgia Lee
                              Abigail Tan (WORK)

「個人的な経験」の話を説明資料に読み、応援したいと感じた。このようなFeel First, Learn Laterの側面はあらゆるプロダクトやサービスに必要だ。まず五感を刺激する興味をそそるものをデザインする。実際に手に取りブランドについて知ると、より深くに響くものがある。少し気になるのは、すこしラインナップの数が多すぎるのでは、ということだ。なるべく少ない数の商品でゴールを達成したいきもする

Reading through Dr Georgia Lee's personal anecdote made me rather fond of the brand. In the era where we have an enormous breadth of choices, people are becoming increasingly attracted to the personal stories behind a product or service that they can relate to. The idea is something I call "Feel First, Learn Later". Firstly a product or service should be able to intuitively draw one's attention by creating either a look, touch or smell. And when we actually touch it, try it or start using it, there is a lot more behind the product or the brand, connecting with the user in a much tighter manner. Such connections should be done by a shared story. My only concern is that there seems to be too many products within this brand itself. Personally I would like to achieve the goal with much less products. 

— Kotaro Watanabe

SAKURA PARTY POPPERS   Design Company:  6D-K co., Ltd  Art Director:  Shogo Kishino   Designer:  Shogo Kishino / Miho Sakaki

Design Company: 6D-K co., Ltd
Art Director: Shogo Kishino 
Designer: Shogo Kishino / Miho Sakaki


The act of celebration is something universal regardless of culture or time. In Japan, there are proverbs such as "after the festivity" or "late festivity", both carrying negative connotations. It is indeed depressing for a host or hostess who have to clean up the mess after all the guests have left. This party popper may first appear to merely be a designed product, but it actually extends the life span, or its user experience; designing what happens "after" the party is over.

— Kotaro Watanabe

CANNED BREAD   Client:  MARS INC.  Design Company:  MARS INC.  illustrator:  Keiko Shibata  

Client: MARS INC.
Design Company: MARS INC.
illustrator: Keiko Shibata  


There is always joy in sharing. A very simple idea of containing two pieces of bread in a single can adds a lot more meaning to the experience of the product. Also, the idea of using it for stockpile for emergencies is something beyond mere social responsibility; opening a can after a disaster, finding two pieces of bread in a can would definitely cheer up one's mind, offering ease within the heart for a fleeting moment.

— Kotaro Watanabe