We are proud to announce the top winning works of the year.
Among the 24 shortlisted works, a total of four packaging designs were chosen under close scores. Take a look at the selection below, each with a wonderful balance of beauty and function, each changing the perception of packaging that surrounds us in our everyday.
Learn more about the works below, and watch this space for the winners interviews that will be released later on in July.


Yashinomi Detergent Premium Power
Client: Saraya Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Hers Design Inc.
Product Designer: Chiaki Murata



Magic 1 day Menicon Flat Pack
Client: Menicon Co., Ltd
Design Company: Dentsu Inc. 
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Designer: Toshimitsu Tanaka / Ayano Higa



Japanese Sake "Koi"
Client: Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.
Design Company: BULLET Inc. 
Art DirectoR/Designer: Aya Codama
Calligrapher: Kasetsu
Project Director: Masayuki Habuki
Project Manager: Yosuke Tanaka
Printing company: Yamaharu Glass Co. Ltd, Taiyo Printing Co. Ltd



Nameless Paints
Client: KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
Art Director: Yusuke Imai
Copywriter: Ayami Moteki


Interviews will be released later on in July.