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 Outstanding in Creativity | FOOD

"The idea for this sweet is conceived from "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", a film that portrays a man who cannot move his body other than his eye due to a car accident. The main character worked as an editor, a job that involves using words. When he lost his ability to speak, the change that was brought to the meaning and power of words left an impression on me.

"Words" makes one feel differently depending on the situation, and seeing this as the theme of the film, the "words" are reimagined as "stones"; from rocks to small stones to sand that change its form with the environment, and are transformed into sweets. There are three flavours: "sea" in light grey and rosemary in flavour; "river" in a medium grey, cherry blossom flavoured; "mountain" in a ginger flavoured dark grey. The flavours, colours, and forms are imagined for each place.

The packaging is made to be as simple as possible as to not to get in the way of the sweets, and to express the power of words that engrave themselves in our hearts and minds, a blind embossing technique is used. The mark on the top of the box conveys the sea, river, and mountain with a single line that varies in thickness."

Client: Cineca
Designer: Mio Tsuchiya
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://cineca.si/ and their Instagram