Amino Acids for Powers / Amino Acids for Kanpai

Amino Acids for Powers / Amino Acids for Kanpai

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"The University of Tokyo Communication Center was established in March of 2005 to facilitate communication between the University of Tokyo and society itself; as a facility utilising research outcomes for the planning/developing/selling of products.

"UTokyo Supplement"'s  "Amino Acids for Powers" and "Amino Acids for Kanpai" are one of the first batch of products developed, created from University of Tokyo's research on amino acids that continued on for over a hundred years. 
As a top educational institution in Japan, while expressing its "cutting edge" and "reliability" in the university's long-standing research was a given, a "boldness" was thought of as the first element in its design to connect to the main purpose of the facility itself — "communication". The product was released back in 2006, but has grown into a long-life product due to its effectiveness, and "Amino Acids for Powers" has continued to extend its line to jelly drinks, candy, and Japanese sweet bean snacks."

Design Company: The Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Art Director / Designer: Kenya Hara
Designer: Kaoru Matsuno / Akiko Uematsu 

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