BARUNSENGKAK Keith Haring Edition Condoms & Gels

BARUNSENGKAK Keith Haring Edition Condoms & Gels

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"'바른생각' Collaborations. The first series. Keith Haring Edition Condoms & Gels.

The philosophy of '바른생각' is corresponding to that of Keith Haring which was "Love is the greatest thing" though the times and backgrounds may be different

Our team has put his soul and philosophy into the package."

Full Line up:
‘바르는생각’ Keith Haring Smooth & Soft lubricant gel
‘바른생각’ Keith Haring Perfect air fit condom 12pcs, 3pcs
‘바른생각’ Keith Haring 002 Air fit condom 12pcs

Client: 바른생각 (BARUNSENGKAK)
Design Company: Convenience Co., Ltd.
Designer: Convenience Brand Lab Leader / Yeonjung Go
Country:  South Korea

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