Calbee Frugra Design Box

Calbee Frugra Design Box

Outstanding in Form | Food

For busy mornings and quick and easy nourishment, "Calbee Frugra (R)" is packaged into sachets of 50g single servings, and assorted into an original box. 
The design of the brilliant blue box and individually packaged sachets uses the motif of Hasamiyaki plates made by ceramics designer and maker Ryota Ishihara, who was born and raised in a town of pottery. The gentle design that reflects his handcraft melds into the scene at the table in the morning.
This is a product that hopes to make breakfast a little happier; a positive start to the day. 
A product exhibited at ASKUL Corporation's 「暮らしになじむLOHACO展2017」(An ASKUL hosted exhibition that displayed well designed products for our everyday)."

Client: Calbee, Inc.
Design Company: EXS.Inc
Product Development: Calbee, Inc. E-commerce Team
Creative Director / Art Director / Designer: Mai Inayoshi (EXS.Inc)
Chinaware Designer: Ryota Ishihara
Supporting for the original picture: Nishiyama Corporation. / KOZO FUKUDA STUDIO

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