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"The design concept is "箔 (haku) + 水 (aqua)," (meaning "foil + water" in Japanese). With the characteristic of this jewelry as a "foil that you wear in water," I designed the piece with the transparent qualities of the foil and water in mind. 

At times one goes out in pin heels, or in flat shoes to walk actively; another day one might be feeling a little melancholic, or one might be thinking of putting flowers in their room...in such daily lives of women, I aimed for a subtle piece of jewelry that will bring light to their lives. 

Its delicate design connects to its feeling of transience, giving the user an impression of elegance. 

I've given thought into the design for the patterns as well, avoiding over glamourising so that one can wear it with other accessories, and coordinate it with the other patterns in the HAQUA line as well."

Client: Washin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Design Company: +st
Designer: Shizuka Tatsuno
Country: Japan

Find out more through: http://haqua.jp/
and through their instagram