Huggies T6 Diaper Launch

Huggies T6 Diaper Launch

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As China gains in purchasing power, consumers have also traded up to a higher quality of life. Against this backdrop of premiumisation, Huggies engaged Brandimage to create a range of breakthrough packaging in the ultra-competitive and ultra-premium diaper category.

Target & Challenge

Targeting mothers that only want the best for their child, the range managed to breakthrough both online and offline, with offline sales numbers hitting around 2 million RMB (and growing) currently. 

Online channel: JD, Tmall, and
Offline channel: Product is sold in around 200 retails stores within mainland China.

Creative & Execution

With a homogenous landscape of swooshes, swirls, colors, and cartoon icons, the category was ripe for a breakthrough. Our design concept is rooted in both the product’s differentiator of “soft and pH neutral,” as well as the target audience of “Life balancers.” “Intimate moments” is our answer not just to the soft, tactile caress of the product itself, but to the emotional connection and gentle warmth sought by “Life balancer” moms.
The design is minimal instead of overcrowded, sophisticated instead of child-like, and focused on mother and child, instead of just the baby.

Result & Efficiency
We captured a series of intimate interactions between the mom and babies of different ages, simplifying the design to heroize these moments of pure love. Taking cues from skincare and fashion, we developed a simple yet sophisticated palette that is soothing, luxurious, and communicate the benefit of ultra-softness through the packaging. 
This enabled the product to stand out and push sales not just on retail shelves, but on online channels as well.

The design is revolutionary in what it is and isn’t, and it was long overdue for such a ultra-premium baby care product to hit the Chinese market. Riding on the trend of increased local consumer spend in premiumised products and emotive story telling, Huggies managed to convey the messaging that diapers are no longer bought just for temporary utility, but also for the emotional permanence of love and warmth."

Client: Kimberly Clark
Design Company: Brandimage China
Managing Director: Gary Yip
Account Manager: Sharon Xiao
Country: China

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