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"PARI PARY" is an additive free snack purely made from locally sourced whitebait. One package consists of only 36 calories, yet gives you a whopping 86 mg in calcium. 

With careful attention to minimise the amount of salt used in the product, the result is light in taste without losing its "natural flavour and deliciousness of whitebait." Both children and adults can safely enjoy the snack.

The name "PARI PARY" comes from the word "pari!" (a Japanese onomatopoeia for something crispy), expressing the pleasure of biting into the crispy texture.

To communicate this, we have selected from over a hundred variations of white paper for one with the right texture that gives a sense of volume to the viewer."

Design Company: Foodison
Creative Director / Designer: Yosuke Watanabe
Creative Producer: Yasutaka Ogura
Country: Japan

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