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"In addition to the filter function, people choose masks based on the performance of whether they can prevent pollen from penetrating through the gap between the mask and face, and if they fit in the form of the users' face. And those created the idea of PITTA MASK, the elastic mask made of polyrethane. 
There was not any mask with high performance design and texture until PITTA, and the packaging was lacking. And hence inspired the use of the three-view picture of the product. The layout of the design is simple with the sense of quality. 
The name PITTA was altered from the Japanese word 'pittari' which means perfectly fit."

Client: ARAXCo., Ltd.
Design Company: Taki-C1
Creative Director: Tatsuya Okamoto (Dentsu)
Copy Writer: Hisao Otsuka (Dentsu)
Art Director: Masahiro Toriumi (Dentsu)
Designer: Masayoshi Okuda, Rumi Narise, Yuri Asano (Taki-C1)
Photographer: Ito Yukikazu (Ito Photography Office)
Retouch: Yasunori Usui
AP: Atsushi Kariya・Kazunari Kondo(Dentsu)
Country: Japan