POMGE cidre & bonbon「from SHINANO」

POMGE cidre & bonbon「from SHINANO」
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“POMGE cidre & bonbon sells Shinshu made cider and fruit confectionary in Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture. The gift shop was produced by Nagano’s renown Matsuzawa Group in April 2018.

The shop offers a wide range of original sweets using apples and other Shinshu fruits, as well as products such as wines, jams, dried fruits and jellies. POMGE’s original products “from SHINANO” is a gift dessert series that uses Nagano’s best fruits.

The packaging design concept is “harvest”. We used various illustration of trees, fruits and animals to create a scenery or situation to depict each product. And the graphics or texts are used to frame and decorate each illustration. To express the “sizzle” factor, we made sure the animals and plats looked lively, and the fruits looked fresh and plump.”

Client: Matsuzawa Co.,Ltd.
Design Company: LIGHTSDESIGN
Art Direction: Koichi Tamamura, Satoru Nakaichi
Design: Satoru Nakaichi
Illustration: Saki Soda
Koichi Tamamura
Country: Japan

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