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Outstanding in Functionality | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“sokamocka is a natural cosmetic and skincare line that uses plenty of Japanese plant ingredients under the brand concept of “become happy with the power of Japanese nature”. The package design uses icons of plants used as ingredients. It also uses “S”, the initial letter of the brand, to express the beautiful and supple strength of Japanese plants.

Because e-commerce is the main channel, we minimised what would be necessary (i.e. advertising element) for the product to be sold in-store. Instead, we thought of a packaging design that could easily blend into everyday life so that the users’ skincare routines can be more fun.”

Client: KINARI inc.
Design Company: HIDAMARI Ltd.
Creative Direction: Kaori Sawabe
Art Direction:
Akiko Sekimoto
Design: Akiko Sekimoto, SG
Photography: Shinichi Kaneko
Copy Write: Kaori Sawabe
Country: Japan

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