Xunmi Eighteen-year-old Bayberry Wine of Dongkui

Xunmi Eighteen-year-old Bayberry Wine of Dongkui

 Outstanding in Appearance | Beverage

"Each age has its unique secret, just like your eighteen-year-old with sweet taste of flower season. The product’s design combines nature with original illustration to remind you of the teenage years. And its unique flavor can make you feel the magical nature.
The product adopts natural materials and Dongkui bayberries in Xianju County and matches the illustration that birds prey in the arbutus’s branch to show the original ecological environment the bayberries grow in. With shatter-resistant materials in its package, the product’s delivery process can be safer."

Client: Shenzhen xunmi cultural development industrial co. LTD.
Design Company: Shenzhen Unidea Bank Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Zhang Xiaoming
Art Director: Chen Yue
Designer: Huang Renqiang / Liu Danhua / Xie Shijun / Liao Fenfen
Country: China

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