Yashinomi Detergent Premium Power

Yashinomi Detergent Premium Power

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From the 2015 Fuji Keizai Toiletry Marketing Manual, there was a shift in demand for refill products from the main product, and in 2007 the distribution ratio completely reversed. The need for refills rose, and by 2016 the distribution ratio of the main body unit to refills is estimated to be 4:6. 
With the above in mind, we have reviewed the use of the refill to be the most effective in its lifecycle, and aimed to extend the life of the refill pouch that is often quickly thrown away after use.


With "Smart Supply" as a theme, we focused on a product that is "clean and easy to use", "gentle to the skin", and "ecologically considerate."

Saraya, known as a lead in the eco-detergent market, this time worked on the problem of refilling. When refilling, there is the hassle of cutting open the pouch and transferring its contents, of having to wash and dry the main bottle, the unsanitary possibilities of refilling, the risk of the liquid spilling on your hands, and the amount of detergent wasted at the bottom of the packaging. 
These were unavoidable issues for many years in the industry; however, in 2016, a "simple replacement pack"  and a "main container for repeated use" allowed us to break the norm. With the design of a product that allows one to exchange the refill pouch itself, it manages to stay hygienic and cut down on waste. The remaining amount of detergent is visible through its transparent packaging; and aesthetically pleasing on one's kitchen." 

Client: Saraya Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Hers Design Inc.
Product Designer: Chiaki Murata
Country: Japan