Yumei Farm

Yumei Farm

Outstanding in Creativity | Food

"The packaging is brought alive through simple and natural colours; the logo formed from the texture between the fields, illustrating the beauty of the land,
for where the farmers live is the homeland for the food that we eat at our table. 

Yumei Farm comes from a background of plant protection science, and through trail and error, we have improved the methods of fertilization, ensuring the yielding of the crops and its quality to an even higher quality. 

The journey from a seed to the table that we eat at is long and strenuous. Good care is needed for the soil, the farmers, and the consumer - to ultimately create a sustainable and virtuous cycle."

Client: Yumei Farm, Ltd.
Design Company: 2TIGERS design studio
Creative Director: 余岱官 Kuan
Designer: 汪平 Wang
                白偉奇 Pai
                蘇珈嫻 Jia
Country: Taichung, Taiwan

Find out more through: yumeifarm.wordpress.com