918 - The Green Notebook

918 - The Green Notebook
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Outstanding in Creativity | OTHERS

“We created these notebooks as limited gifts for the TED x BaDinh event held in Vietnam. The dimensions of the notebook was 9cm x 18cm. We thought this measurement ratio was beautiful. Hence, we used 918 as the name of the notebook and created a logo around the concept of 918.

918 is a fun set of numbers: 9 = 1 + 8, 9 - 1 = 8, 9 * 18 = 9* (9 + 9), and so on.

Though these numbers are entirely different, they seem to be tightly connected. From this, we repeated the shape of the notebook and made the decorative texture for the cover of the notebook.”

Client: PAPERSTORY studio
Design Company: PAPERSTORY studio
Creative Direction: Le Thanh Luan
Country: Vietnam

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