Inmost Dens of Emilie

Inmost Dens of Emilie
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Outstanding in Form | OTHERS

“WhyOceans is a Macau based post-rock band. We were invited to do the image and packaging design for Inmost Dens of Emilie. The album contains 6 songs, telling 6 stories from 6 scenes with the same origin. The album was mainly recorded in Hong Kong. Piano, strings and wind instruments were recorded in Macau.

The theme of the album is about a story of a girl, named Emilie, searching for her own familiar voice - just as we go looking for our own familiarities. We designed six round circles as the key visual. Each circle gets smaller, farther and further away to symbolise an infinite circle.”

Client: WhyOceans
Creative Direction: Orange Chan
Country: Hong Kong

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