Bình Coffee
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Outstanding in Materials | BEVERAGE

“Pristine beaches, towering mountains, and tropical forests with more than 1000 species of rare animals living side by side; hill-tribes and rice farmers along the northern mountain ranges and fisherman villages scattered throughout the middle and southern regions of the country; Vietnam is home to some of the most extraordinary sceneries.

Bình, a coffee producer in Vietnam, wants to invite and encourage people to enjoy the landscape and atmosphere, along with a cup of its magical coffee. With the brand’s strong intention in mind, I thought about packaging and decided to use holography. As there is no one colour that best describes Vietnam’s abundance in colours, textures and smells. And, what we see or experience today, is different from yesterday, and may be different from tomorrow. I used holography to convey these thoughts, and also give an competitive edge in the market.”

Client: Bình
Design Company: Ian Wallace ®
Country: Vietnam

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