Gac Day
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Outstanding in Form | BEVERAGE

“Gac Day is a daily nutrition drink that is specially developed to relieve inner health: protect cardiovascular system, contribute to cellular rejuvenation and strengthen immune system. It is a healthy and natural product that provides energy and essential nutrients to a tiresome and worrisome body. Its rich composition of ingredients includes powerful antioxidants and vitamins that help promote a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

The brand name “Gac Day” is a Vietnamese pronunciation wordplay - a friendly and memorable name for the local market. The design concept is a combination of purity and simplicity conveyed by the use of bold and solid colours. Red represents positive energy while white reflects the harmonisation and serenity spirit in meditation philosophy. Bottle is made from recycled plastic suitable for easy transportation.”

Client: Nafoods Group
Design Company: Bratus Agency
Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design:
Jimmi Tuan
Graphic Design: Tonbui, Huy Nguyen
Showcase Design: Si Tran
Country: Vietnam

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