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"All BIG TAG JAPAN products are made in Japan. Materials as well, as small as a thread to a screw, they are purchased in the country as much as possible, as it pursues "100% made in Japan". 

This is to covey the Japanese traditional manufacturing culture to the world. That, in the long established companies, there are always groups of talented craftsmen specialized in tags production, especially for the products labelled 'Made in Japan'. 

As a result, the branding with a large tag that can be clearly recognized as made in Japan was developed. 
"Pine, Bamboo, and Plum" represent the grading in Japan, in which 'Pine' ranks the highest grade, thus is used as the symbol on the logo. Using of European font and original creation. No excessive design elements, simply conveying the concept of "Made in Japan". "

Design Company: niveau graphic design studio
Creative Director: Hideaki Kikushima
Designer: Risa Henmi
Country: Japan