uka nail oil take off

uka nail oil take off

Outstanding in Creativity | Beauty & Cosmetics

"An original product created by uka, a beauty salon for hair, nails, head spas, and so on. uka nail take off <<13:00>> <<24:45>> was released as a limited edition to mark the opening of "Isetan Haneda Store Ladies" at Haneda Airport. 
With the icon of an airplane on the outer package, it takes off as you open the lid, and reveals a sky that peeks through at the various times. At 13:00, a blue sky during the day with clouds of different expressions; at 24:45, a shooting star, the first star, the evening sky...expressing a night sky of emotions. 
From uka, we designed with the hope for you to "Enjoy a trip like no other"."

Full product name: uka nail oil takeoff ≪13:00≫
                               uka nail oil takeoff ≪24:45≫

Client: uka Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Allright Graphics
Art Director: Yui Takada
Designer: Tomomi Yamada
Country: Japan

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