Vasilisa Perfume stick

Vasilisa Perfume stick

Outstanding in Appearance | Beauty & Cosmetics

"A magical stick with a soft scent. Coming closer to you anytime and anywhere — Vasilisa Perfume Stick. While the culture of solid perfume is traditionally apparent in Japan, it wasn't an item used on a daily basis. It's ability to stay intact and not fly away, it's moisturising properties, and to be able to enjoy the scents in a personal range; it's approachable for first-timers, and through our wish to propose a new way of enjoying scents, this product was produced. As it's a stick balm, it's light and convenient to carry around, and your nails won't get dirty. To be carried around in a carefree manner, illustrations of animals are used with each linked to the image of the scent, along with an anthropomorphised name and personality. A sweet message from the animals: "TAKE ME ANYWHERE AND LOVE ME ANYTIME! xoxo" is also included on the package. Illustrations are by the fantastical and modern Catofriend; the use of vivid colours and slightly surreal eyes of the animals captivating women of all ages."

Full product lineup:
Perfume stick Benjamin (cat)
Perfume stick Merrisa (rabbit)
Perfume stick Anna (parrot)
Perfume stick Oliver (lion)
Perfume stick Fiona (unicorn)

Design Company: soda design
Art Director / Designer: Yusuke Shibata
illustrator: cato friend
Country: Japan

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