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"ALTIPLANO MILK is produced by the New Hope Group's dairy industry. Production in Australia then sales for China market. ALTIPLANO selects from the natural pasture of Goulbum Australia in Victoria. Each cow was bathed in the sunshine, fresh air, and pure water, every drop of milk is to retain the natural nutrition.

Australia's unique natural environment creates its unique species and art. The kangaroo is the symbol of Australia globally. Blue sky, bright sunshine, green grass are the true portrayal of the natural environment of Australia. The unique environment also nurtured the unique Australian aboriginal art. Inspired by it, the illustration part of the packaging design combined impressionist painting creation ideas in the form of Australian Aboriginal art, which created a frame with strong Australian style."

Client: New-hope
Design Company: Pesign Design
Creative & Art Director, Designer: Peng Chong
Country: China