Assam Milk Tea

Outstanding in Materials  |  Beverage

"The briefing: 
"We want to launch a new brand of bottled milk tea. High aesthetics for a consumer friendly product."

The target consumer: 
The Chinese market. 

The design: 
The brief given was rather reserved and straightforward. It was opted for the same design language. The designers developed the most straightforward iconography for each of the product components : a cow for 'milk', a tea bag for 'tea'. When merged these two images produced the most effective, universally understood blend. The photorealistic rendering of the hanging small bag dominates the packaging surface as if such a bag is actually and naturally immersed in the milk tea bottle. Colors are kept equally natural and the coconut flavor product bottle is distinguished by a light and cool shade of green on its bottle."

Client: Uni President Enterprises
Design Company: mousegraphics
Creative Director: Greg Tsaknakis
Illustrator: Ioanna Papaioannou, Kostas Kaparos
Country of creative office: Greece
Country of client: China