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" ‘Hi!Milk’ is a new milk product of Mengniu Group, China’s second and the world’s eleventh largest dairy brand. It is produced in an open-ended pasture and contains high milk protein. Hi!Milk can be delivered to your home by direct mail. You can even adopt a diary cow to have your own milk! What’s more, as the product was co-launched by Mengniu and a Chinese famous singing group Yuquan, it also integrates an innovative new model with high quality and musical elements, with the aim of building a brand new milk-drinking experience.
In the initial design, we think the exterior of Hi!Milk must be differentiated from traditional designs so that it can gain public attention more quickly. As such, we hope to create a dialogue between our customers and Hi!Milk in the whole process of purchasing, drinking and collecting. As we all know, most normal temperature milk products in the Chinese market choose to cooperate with Tetra Pak group, which greatly limits the personalization and differentiation of packaging.
Personalization is what we need. We want Hi!Milk’s packaging to be different from that of all other normal temperature milk on the market. Therefore, we chose to use 330m tetra prisma with lids from many forms of products of Tetra Pak. We also found a perfect match angle between the octahedral structure of the tetra prisma and the dairy cow’s facial structure, with the side dog-ears becoming the little cow’s ears. You may have seen a lot of packaging with animal heads and human faces but our little dairy cow displays the characteristics of the packaging structure to the maximum extent. It has also made Hi!Milk become characterized from many products that are similar to Tetra Pak’s packaging styles on the market.
At the same time, we combined the dairy cow’s stripes with musical elements and designed a series of products with different expressions. Hi!Milk has been widely praised by customers since it was launched into the market. Among the comments made by customers from online stores, almost everyone expressed their liking for the packaging, before giving further compliment on the taste. Some people even said, ‘Take a sip of Hi!Milk and have a look at this cute little dairy cow, the taste feels even better!’ Just like the name of it, 'Hi! Milk’, other than talking about the taste, we finally enabled its packaging to become a bridge of communication between dairy cows and people. "

Client: Mengniu Group
Design Company: L3branding
Creative Director: Guanru Li
Art Director: Guanru Li
Designer: Shubin Zhang, Zheng Dong
Illustrator: Sixue Liu
Country: China

FInd out more through: L3branding.com