Shiseido Benefique

Shiseido Benefique

Outstanding in Creativity | Beauty & Cosmetics

"Benefique, a brand extended from the lineage of Shiseido.

It all began with 「万物資生」—
where all is borne from the earth. 

Expressing the sublime wonders of nature, its ethos also lies in the origin of the company name Shiseido. 
With Shiseido Design's key motif of the arabesque;
it sprouts, grows, and continues on
to be nurtured — strong and graceful — in the cycle of life. 

Benefique has been designed with such thoughts."

Client: Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Noriko Matsubara
Supervisor: Taisuke Kikuchi
Package Designer: Midori Matsuishi
Country: Japan

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