yuica kuromoji eyecream

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"The scent used in this product: 'Kuromoji', a type of lauraceae, grows abundantly in Japanese forests where sunlight is scarce.

On the shrubs that grow on the forest floor of beech trees, black spots that look like letters appear on the thin green branches. Thus the characters are written as 黒文字 (kuromoji, literally 'black letters' in Japanese).

Particularly in Japan, with fragrances of "trees", many would assume the fragrance of "hinoki" (Japanese cypress), but even with the same trees, scents like the kuromoji exist — with a main ingredient that is often used in perfumes called linalool that have a comforting smell.

The fragrances from trees are various and diverse, and as plants grow in harmony with other plants, the richness of the forest can be felt. Through this, we used the characteristics of kuromoji, using its thin branches as a motif for the eye cream tube, and packaged it inside a wooden case made from beech trees. 

When one breaks off the branch of a kuromoji, a calm and refreshing scent passes through. In the same way, when one snaps open the cap of the eye cream, a similar pleasing fragrance of breaking off a branch can be experienced."

Design Company: Sei-plus Co.,Ltd.
Creative Director: Norie Mitsuka
Wood Working Designer: Michiharu Tanaka
Designer: Yumi Mitsuka
Country: Japan

Find out more through: http://www.sei-plus.com/en/, and their Facebook