Tofu Icchou

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"Tofu Icchou was made with the concept of bringing "surprises and smiles." 

When the product launched in 2010, post-it notes had a serious image — in squares and in simple colours. Within this, "Toffu Icchou" kept the original functions of the post-its, but added "surprise" and "smiles" to it, becoming a key product in the humorous stationary boom.

Utilising the white of the paper in a square form, and keeping the simplicity by withholding any print; the outer appearance is just like a block of tofu. The graphics on the packaging conforms to food display standards as they would on a real tofu container. 

The upper film can be opened and closed freely after opening the package; thus your colleagues will be "surprised" when they see a tofu on your desk, and will probably "smile" when they find out they are actually post-it notes. 
The paper inside is fully considered to its last detail as well — the two types of tofu: 絹ごし (kinu, a softer silkier variety) and
もめん (momen, a harder variety where the water has been strained out) — are differentiated by the type of paper, where one has a silky touch, and the other embossed to create a rough and bumpy texture, completely changing the feel of writing on it. 

Do something stupid in a serious manner. We think that because there's a great deal of detail and thought packed into the product, "Tofu Icchou" is loved and used by many people."

Full lineup: Tofu Icchou Momen/Kinugoshi (Sizes: Large, Small)

Client: GEO design inc.
Design Company: GEO design inc.
Creative Director: Satoshi Ogitani
Designer: Tadashi Isawa 

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