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"Currently in Japan, fireworks are typically sold in sets at corner shops and supermarkets. Instead, by deliberately selling beautiful fireworks one by one, we think that one will change their behaviour to carefully choosing each piece before purchase, creating a new way of enjoying fireworks. 

As one makes their selections in the shop for their family, friends, and loved ones; imagining:
"Which firework would be fun?"
"Definitely need to finish the night with a sparkler" 
— one can picture how each firework can be enjoyed, and will most likely lead to a firework session filled with originality. 

We sincerely hope that for the countless summer nights that you fill with fireworks, "fireworks" can help make the experience even just a little more enjoyable." 

Client: method inc. 
Design company: EDING:POST
Creative Director: Yu Yamada (method), Junji Murakami
Art Director & Designer: Tomohiro Kato (EDING:POST)