kuroihanaya ichirinzashi

kuroihanaya ichirinzashi

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"The Kuroi Hanaya (the Black Flower Shop) brings you (not only) flowers. 
It's the "story" that can be felt from the black flower. 
This goes for the packaged kit as well — from the act of it being delivered, to the flower lingering in the space of a room — is designed to be taken as one story. 

Exterior box
Designed with a symbolic black circle on a white box to make people conscious of the colour "black".

Inner box
To make the "black flower" more prominent, lines and the shadows that emerge from folds are suppressed as much as possible, and created a curvaceous white space within. 

Single flower stand
For the "black flower" to stand beautifully in the space of a room, the stand creates a white background behind the flower. 

Also, by making the form of the stand linear, the design highlights the natural form the "black flower" through the contrast created. For those who give the "black flower" to another, and those on the receiving end, may each person develop a new instinct and sensitivity through the experience."

Client: kuroihanaya
Design Company: color.
Creative Director: Kenji Takamatsu (Boogie Graphix)
Art Director: Noriyuki Shirasu  (color.) 
Designer: Noriyuki Shirasu  (color.) / Toshiharu Hinata  (color.)
Logo Design: Kazuki Noda (UNIEL ltd.) 
Planner / Project Manager: Ko Yoshida
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://kuroihanaya.com/ and their Instagram