Full of Fortune Red Packet Collection

Full of Fortune Red Packet Collection

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"In 2012, Polytrade Paper has newly introduced a colourful and environmental friendly paper, Astrobrights Papers to the Asia markets. BLOW was asked to create the red packets for giving away to Polytrade’s business partners to celebrate the Chinese New Year and promote these papers.

Inspired by the vibrant colours of Astrobrights Papers, they have created a set of 16 red packets packed in a premium box that combined the modern and contemporary design with high quality printing details. 

Since 2012, BLOW has been creating the red packets with the specific theme with an auspicious symbol every year. The previous collections were “Flowergala”, “Fishion” and “Fly High” red packet series. 

"Full of Fortune" was the forth collection that they designed for Polytrade Paper to promote their astrobrights papers series. In this collection, they have featured the food which celebrates the Chinese New Year including mushroom, romaine, roasted seeds, candies, and more. The red packet designs were inspired by the interesting forms of those food.

New year is the most joyous and satisfying festival of all. After a year of hard work, people celebrate their great harvest together. It symbolizes another prosperous year full of good fortune with more happiness to come."

Client: Polytrade Paper Corporation Ltd.
Design Company: BLOW
Creative & Art Director: Ken Lo
Designer: Ken Lo, Gertrude Wong, Caspar Ip, Gus Cheung, Anissa Fung
Country: Hong Kong