LUX Plush Fragrance Mousse

Outstanding in Form  |  Beauty & Cosmetics

"The LUX Global Team presented WHY Brand Design with a mission: create an inspiring new 3D and 2D pack design for their ‘Plush Shower Fragrance Mousse’, a self foaming body wash. 

They knew that the Lux perfumed self-foaming body wash would be a treat for women making them feel luxuriously soft and pampered and therefore they had to ensure that the packaging gave the same feeling. They then designed the shape of the bottle to give it a bold, and impactful yet elegant look. The sleek black design oozes sophistication and the visually striking label immediately signifies exclusivity and luxury.

The Peony flower pattern was chosen because of its deeply lobed petals and large fragrant flowers. With their lush foliage and full rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and sophistication. It cues the floral explosion releasing a profusion of blossoming flower scents and beauty, as well as the pleasure that comes with it. This helps create a true feminine experience that lasts not only during the shower but, long after.

For this range, Lux partnered with world-class perfumers, Violet Ghaemi, Stefangus Agung Nugroho, Francois Raphael Balestra and Odlle Bongi, who customized five unique luxurious scents, one for each of the five variants using the finest ingredients. 

The final product is a design that perfectly compliments Lux‘s brand positioning of fine fragrance yet differentiated from the core range and, across variants. The final look is an elegant, sophisticated and feminine design that appeals to existing and new consumers looking for a lavish experience."

Client: Unilever, LUX
Design Company: Why? Brand Design
Country: Singapore