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"Awamori is one type of sake drank locally in Okinawa. 
While methods of vacuum distillation that gives light and fruity flavours are going mainstream, "Gekkou" is made through atmospheric distillation, retaining its original taste. Strong and unique flavours are balanced out by a mellow touch.

The packaging was born through USIO Design Project, a redesign competition led by Ishigaki-shi in the Okinawa prefecture of Japan. The design was selected out of around 400 entries from designers worldwide, and ultimately commercialised. 

The product name "Gekkou" comes from something that can be seen in Ishigaki island: "Gekkou ni yoru niji" (meaning "rainbow by moonlight" in Japanese), known to bring happiness to those who see it. A name in touch with the place, the waxing of the moon and the natural motifs of the island are illustrated on the label. Within the phases of the moon, from the sky to the sea, the sea to the island, and from the island to the materials for the Awamori — the packaging conveys how the life of the island is condensed into a bottle of Awamori.

Different from the typical Awamori, this bottle is pop and modern, as well as giving off an ethnic air of Asia with a strange and marvelous feel."

Client: Planning Department of Ishigaki City
           Tourism, Culture, and Sports Bureau, 
           Seifuku Distillery. Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Shoma Terai, Loftwork inc.
Designer: Yoshitaka Hamuro
Country: Japan

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