Jozen Moon

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"Jozen Moon is a seasonal Japanese sake imagined for the 「お月見」("otsukimi," literally meaning "moon-viewing," is the yearly event of honoring the autumn moon), and from the legend that the rabbit lives in the moon.
In Japan, there are many annual events tailored to the four seasons, and similarly the making of the different varieties of Japanese sake are closely tied with the seasons as well. SHIRATAKISHUZO The Sake Brewery's has a product lineup called "The 12 months of the Jozen Moon," and this product, the "Jozen Moon" is one in them.

Similarly produced in Niigata prefecture is a drink in a moon shaped bottle — the "Moon Bottle," enjoyed every year since its launch 10 years ago."

Client: SHIRATAKISHUZO The Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Otabox co., Ltd.
Designer: Keita Yamaga
Country: Japan 

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