Outstanding in Appearance | Beverage

For the liquor market that increasingly see alcohol as a communication tool,  KUTUSROKGI OMBORATO is a rice shochu- based liquor brand was made for consumers who value “kutsurogi” (relaxation in Japanese) and “kokochi yoi jikan” (comfortable time). A mild and mellow flavour is formed through adding our amino acid filled original method of “rice fermented extract”  — popular since its launch in October of 2004.
The taste sustains even when drank on the rocks or with water. Its a product we can recommend for those who are conscious about their beauty and health.

“Onborato” means “slowly” in Kanazawa dialect. The name was made in hope for people to slowly and leisurely enjoy the flavours of the drink.

Package design
The design prior to the renewal in October of 2015 — the 500mL glass bottle (lapis, green) and its realistic illustrations (of citrus and plums) — was boldly arranged for its new design. Within its high quality, a sense of familiarity is expressed. In addition to this, a 300mL bottle was adopted in response to requests for a bottle of smaller quantity. The cap opening is the same as the kind use for large sake bottles, but is made in plastic instead of metal for safety. 

For those who want to enjoy alcohol as a form of dessert; for cocktail enthusiasts, and those who take care of their beauty and health."

                   KUTSUROGINO OMBORATO “YUZU”

Client: Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery
Design Company: woolen
Designer: Fukuoka Naoko
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://www.fukumitsuya.co.jp or their Facebook and Instagram