HANYUL - Pure Artemisia Skin Care Line 

HANYUL - Pure Artemisia Skin Care Line 

Outstanding in Materials | Beauty & Cosmetics

"The HANYUL Pure Artemisia Line is designed to express the refreshing and soothing function of baby Artemisia with the concept of Korean naturalism. HANYUL’s signature shape is inspired by “Yakho,” the pottery used to hold medicinal herbs at home in ancient times in Korea, and the shape is reinterpreted in a simpler way and applied to the container.  The design provides comfort mood with its simplicity and natural colors.HANYUL’s container has a smooth shape as if having cut uneven clumps smoothly with a sharp blade. The shape expresses HANYUL’s natural modernism in terms of Korean beauty. HANYUL’s look, semi-transparent gradation color, expresses the soft color of natural ingredients on soft ramie cloth. Just like sun-bathed ingredients emitting various colors, layers of semi-transparent components express mysterious colors that cannot be defined with one word."

Client: Amore Pacific
Design Company: Amore Pacific
Designer: Bitnuri Kim
Manager: Yujin Sung
Director: Jungju-Yu
Country: South Korea

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