Outstanding in Functionality | Beauty & Cosmetics

"The concept for this Oshiri Celeb series is "soft and gentle for your bottom." Oshiri Celeb Toilet Roll incorporates moisturising properties in the paper for a soft and gentle texture; a high quality brand that is carefully considered so as not to stress the skin. Oshiri Celeb WET are water decomposable wet wipes that contain moisturising properties, and can be flushed in the toilet after use. It's as if you've washed yourself clean and clears away all discomfort from your bottom. To communicate the thoroughness of the product and its quality in softness, a white and fluffy rabbit is arranged in the centre on a fluid and elegant background of pale blue."

Client: Oji Nepia Co.,Ltd.
Design Company: ADBRAIN.Inc
Creative Director: Hitoshi Sato
Art Director: Jiro Ozawa
Copy Writer: Yutaka Momobayashi
Designer: Shinichi Wakita / Megumi Kobayashi / Emi Shiratori
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://hana-celeb.com/oshiri/index.html