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Outstanding in Functionality | FOOD

“Furikakete is recycled organic seasoning made from recycling raw materials (what we consider garbage). It is a challenging and niche product as the concept is not widely known or popular yet. It is important to create a design so the product can be recognised at first glance, and of course to collaborate with the client.

“Furikake” means “sprinkle” and “furikakete” means “just sprinkle it” in Japanese. Because we wanted consumers to sprinkle the seasoning on various cuisines, I proposed the name as it can be understood at first glance. For the logo, I adopted and used the maker’s hand writing to put emphasis on the creator behind the product.

The package design aims to give an organic feel and focuses on cost reduction. The design is printed on thick craft paper using offset printing. The product description and ordering methods are also printed on the packaging. It can easily be put together by the maker.”

Client: Onaka-Genki Farm Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Aobato
Creative Direction / Design: Seiichi Maesaki
Photography: Ryoji Kudaka
Country: Japan

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