IPPODO Teabags Sencha

IPPODO Teabags Sencha

Outstanding in Appearance | Beverage

"A slim and compact box, easy to carry and store.
With a slider opening, its contents can be taken out with ease. 
For our customers around the world, we aimed for a teabag that "extracts much more deliciously" by making specific changes to the material of the teabag, and in line to this we redesigned the main package. Since our very first teabags on the market, we're in our 3rd generation. 

As for the rest of the series, there is Gyokuro and Hojicha — each differentiated by colour. Gyokuro in raspberry, Hojicha in orange, and Sencha in green. 

A tea bag slides out from the perforated opening. Teabags are often given as gifts, and we deliver across the seas to the rest of the world. 

Using both English and Japanese on the package, the design work communicates the product — the "teabag" within — in a very simple manner by focusing on the type and built a package that evokes a playful feeling. If you observe the box closely, there may be some interesting discoveries!"

Design Company: Dainippon Type Organization
Country: Japan

Find out more through: http://www.ippodo-tea.co.jp/, or their Facebook  and Instagram