ukihano yamacha premium series

ukihano yamacha premium series

Outstanding in Functionality | Beverage

"Shinka tea has cultivated organic tea in Ukiha city of Fukuoka prefecture for over 45 years; in mountainous areas where there are few pests in the tea fields. Since machines cannot go into the area, time is taken to carefully maintain and harvest the tea by hand. Until recently, we have relied on shipping wholesale or for local consumption; yet, both are on a decline, resulting in our decision to renew our design to expand our trade to the entirety of Japan. However, the usual case is that each household already has their own particular tea that they drink, which is difficult to replace immediately. Instead of producing tea for one to normally drink themselves, the product is designed (in size and price) with the aim to supply the tea as a gift one would buy for another. 
For users to purchase the product, one must understand the time and care taken to create this wonderful tea. All information needed to evaluate the tea, including the descriptions and the JIS mark are actively placed at the front of the package. Through creating coherence in the packaging, small differences (the colour of the string) can be instantaneously noticed to differentiate between the five varieties. Using strings instead of stickers brings movement to the whole package, giving a sense of fulfilment to the product as a gift."

Client: Niikawa Seicha co., Ltd.
Design Company: Nakaniwa Design Office
Creative Director / Art Director / Designer: Hidemi Nakaniwa
Country: Japan

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