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"Since our establishment we have focused on carbonated drinks, and in recent years a company for people enjoy our ramune drinks using local flavours and other unique carbonated drinks. Cola made from tea from Shizuoka, curry flavoured ramune — we have continuously commercialised products that cannot be found through major beverage manufacturers.

A traditional carbonated drink in Japan, "Ramune" has been a signature product since its establishment, and is now exported internationally and gaining much popularity. Removing the preconceived notions around traditional "ramune," we wondered if we can make a drink that people can have fun with. Our company president Kimura — and also our idea man — began thinking of a package that takes advantage of its form, hypothesising that it could create a visual for a new generation of "Ramune" drinks. We developed a "Banana Ramune" that simulates the skin of a banana and uses the form of the bottle as a gimmick. It's visually stimulating, and by adding perforations to the outer film, it can be peeled off like a real banana. Details were considered too, as the "skin" is peeled off the bottle — reveals the back skin of the banana . It is a product that embodies our slogan: "Bringing happiness to beverages" "

Design Company: KIMURA DRINK CO., LTD. 
Designer: Ayako Yokoyama / Chiho Shiozawa
Country: Japan

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