kasiko shell

kasiko shell

Outstanding in Form | Food

"A form to send a heartfelt message.

“kasiko” is a small sweet that can take the role of a greeting to accompany messages that you want to tell someone. 

The word, "kasiko" is the complimentary close of a Japanese letter.

Our logo mark is designed using the Japanese "SHO" — calligraphy to express both Japanese tradition and modernity.

Our package is designed with a gentle form of a wave to wrap the delicate shell “HIGASHI” (dry confectionary).

Following the Japanese custom of using “MIZUHIKI” (a pair of paper string) to tie around a wrapped gift, we have tied our package with a string to finish it.

For the colors of our logo mark and package, we used the white of “WASANBONTO” (our main ingredient, a traditional Japanese sugar) and the navy blue of waves.

Through a simple and fine design, we hope to convey the high-quality Japanese “WAGASHI” culture to the customers."

Client: Brandlogistics Co., Ltd.
Art Director: Tsuyoshi Fukuda
Naming: Yoshihiro Iwanaga
Designer: Hitomi Sago
Country: Japan

Find out more through: http://www.kasiko.jp and their Facebook