Uchiwa Ame

Uchiwa Ame

Outstanding in Functionality | Food

"Amezaiku — candy craft artistry is part of traditional street culture in Japan. To continue on its craft, and to innovate for our changing times and for our future — a group of amezaiku makers formed under the name "Ameshin."

"Uchiwa Ame" (Japanese fan candy) is a unique product that makes use of the technology available today. To visually and intuitively communicate the patterns and history of the Japanese traditional craft, the sense of transparency of the candy — a special package was needed. 

The form of the package is reminiscent of a a hand pail, instantly communicating "Japanese traditions" at first glance. Even if one does not know about Japanese culture, viewers will visualise the "vessel," establishing an identity for the product. To fully display the beauty of the craft, a transparent material was used and precise calculations were made to allow the right amount of light to transmit through. 

As a flower vase compliments the personality of the flower, we aimed for a package that draws out the beauty of the crafted sweets without ever coming in the way of the main product. 
Instead of just wrapping the product to protect it, the product and its package become one to create a new world."

Client: Tezuka Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. 
Design Company: Tezuka Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. 
Director: Yoko Yamada 
Country: Japan

Find out more through: http://www.ame-shin.com 
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