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“For pet owners who live with cats and dogs, fallen or loose hairs from pets on clothes and towels, is a problem. Our laundry sponge, “FREELAUNDRY PRO” is a solution. Just add it into the washing machine and wash as usual; the sponge will catch and pick up hairs and other small litter in the water. Our sponge is made from special urethane material for business-use: the fine and uniform fibre catches wispy hairs.

Until now, “FREELAUNDRY PRO” has been widely used in professional workplaces such as cat cafes and pet hotels, and it has been useful for entangling large amounts of loose hairs attached on bed sheets and towels. Because we want pet owners to also use our product, we packaged this professional item to be used easily at home.

The product comes in a cute packaging in a shape of a drum-type washing machine. It includes two types of sponges: coarse and fine. If the sponge becomes dirty, you can peel off the outer layer using a pair of scissors, and the sponge will be as good as new. We deliver a comfortable life with pets, along with a packaging that makes laundry fun.”

Client: Dream, Inc.
Design Company: Lucy+K & Co.,Ltd.
Creative Direction: Nanako Koyama & Rina Kimura
Art Direction & Design:
Tomoko Shinozuka
Country: Japan

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