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“The “Yurin” series was created with awareness in interior and packaging design. It was developed due to the countless requests in wanting to incorporate the beautiful clear sounds of the Orin (Buddhist tool) in daily life.

The packaging uses bright silver as its main colour. White lines, or staves, are printed on translucent paper to convey the melodic sounds of the product. And, the gold logo is printed with metallic printing to accentuate the packaging as a whole. Overall, the product, and the packaging, emit a sense of lightness - contrary to the solid image of the traditional Buddhist tool.”

Client: Yamaguchi Kyujo Co., Ltd.
Package Design Company: Suwa Design Studio
Product Design Company: Pear Design Studio
Creative & Art Direction: Miya Suwa , Rie Isono
Design: Miya Suwa
Country: Japan

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