Nao Okita glass works

Nao Okita glass works
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Outstanding in Materials | OTHERS

“A series of presentation box packaging for the glass artist Nao Okita - Nao Okita glass work.

Produced as a special event display, the polygon (six-point) box was designed for “pierced earrings of the lamination”. Taking inspiration for the artist’s concept, the packaging design resembles a piece of ore. As we only produced a small lot, the printing and assembly were done manually.

Other sleeve and cover box packaging are used for regular sales. All packaging uses grey to bring out the colour of the artist’s glass work. The hand drawn logo with foil stamping adds charm and conveys the artist’s view very well.”

Client: Nao Okita glass works
Art Direction & Design: Kana Okita
Country: Japan

Find out more on: Kana Okita’s Website and Instagram and Nao Okita’s Website and Instagram